Some of The Reasons Why Chillums Are Preferred for Smoking

If you are looking for any smoking device to consume dry herbs or tobacco directly, then chillum is the right choice for you.  Chillum is a very specific kind of hand pipe, which is very easy and also portable smoking option.

If you look at its old history, then the old day chillums were much larger in size. Those days, chillums were made with bamboo. Usually, chillums were used to conduct certain holy rituals and also spiritual occasions in India, Africa and South America.

It was also prevalent in all these countries during the 1700’s and before. In the USA too people had started using chillums during 1960’s and gained a lot of popularity too.

The chillum is just another way of smoking, but it can also be one of the most versatile pieces due to its smaller stature.

You can also buy such chillums from smoke shop online. A well-known smoke shop called Express also deals with this product.

Let us try to know what the various reasons that chillums are preferred by many as smoking device are:

  1. Super discreet

Chillums have been around for many years, but in the last 60 years, it is being noticed in commonplace with various smokers all around the world. Those who are regular smokers will certainly enjoy this device for their smoking.

Particularly those who are fond of herb smoking, experience with chillum will certainly make them happy.

You can also carry your chillum wherever you prefer to go. Few of those who are not familiar with it may not recognize it immediately, but it will certainly generate an interest.

2. Easier to pack

It is actually very easy to pack your glass chillum. Mostly chillums have a cone-shaped bowl at the end. You can just grab any tobacco or medicine, use wooden dugout and push it inside the chillum.

Pushing too much material into the chillum may prevent debris to enter your mouth. If you pack it too loose, then you may get mouthful of herbs.

Chillums usually have no filters to keep your mouth protected from burning embers. Therefore, the best practice will be to inhale before it is lit, to make sure that it will have a good airflow.

3. Easier to clean

Fortunately, cleaning of chillum can be done quite easily. You need to heat outside of your chillum first, to soften hard resin inside. Then with any paper clip or using a thin cleaning brush, you can clean inside.

Be careful and avoid brushing too hard, or material will get scratched.

4. Not too costly

As compared to any other modern vaporizer or e-cigarette, chillums are much inexpensive, so you will not feel hurt if after few days of use, you throw your chillum in the trash. Because after few uses, enough resin gets build up.

Since chillum uses ancient technology, so there is no need of buying any expensive cartridges or refills. All you will need is your regular leaf or tobacco that you love to use.

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