Google Adwords – How It Works and Tips to Use

Google Adwords is Google’s own ad service that allows businesses to place their website search results on the search engine result page or SERP. You need to pay money only when people click on your advertisement.

You don’t need to wait till your new website gets established with organic ranking. Using paid search, results can be seen instantly. You may have seen a tiny green ‘Ad’ label on the top and side of the result page. They look more like organic results.

The process of posting ads on Google is easy and affordable. You can even hire Google ads agency for your PPC campaign management. Visit for more information on PPC or Adwords campaign.

How Google Ads work?

In brief, you need to choose popular keywords and create a relevant advertisement that the search engine will display when seekers type those keywords. Remember that, you are not the only business using those keywords. Your competitors will also bid for the same keyword. It means to gain an edge you need to bid more.

The bid is the amount that you are prepared to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Therefore, paid search is also called PPC or Pay-per-Click. Besides bidding Google considers ‘Ad Rank’ to determine the priority of your advertisement on SERP.

How significant is Ad Rank?

It is a metric used by Google to determine which paid search ads to display on the search engine result page. The ad with the highest AD Ranks gets displayed on top and the 2nd highest just below in the second position and so on. Ad Rank gets calculated based on the following factors –

  • Advertisement & landing page quality
  • Does it fulfill the Ad Rank threshold like a topic, search nature, device type, and location?
  • Search context includes search time, query, other ads, and users’ signals like their device type and location.
  • Ad extensions like a phone number or extra links to your web pages.

Get to know the bidding

Every click you pay for is called CPC or cost-per-click. A maximum bid amount can be picked manually or an automatic option can be chosen. Google will choose a bid amount suitable to your budget.

CPM or cost-per-impression is a less popular option, where the search engine is paid for every 1000 times your advertisement appears on the search engine result page. It means no click-through gets counted.

Tips to use Google Adwords

With Google Ads, it becomes easy to reveal to the world your unique business and reach customers, who come in search of your offer.

  • Choose your goals like get calls, increase shop visits, or drive traffic to your site and tailor your advertising.
  • Determine whether you desire to stay local or go global.
  • In brief, emphasize why people need to choose your business or create a compelling banner with images.
  • Determine a budget cap for a month. The budget can be paused or adjusted anytime.
  • You can go live. Your ads get displayed when people come in search of your business. You pay when people click on your ad.
  • Google Ads even offers insights, reports, and ongoing tips. It helps to monitor your campaign progress and create more compelling ads.

Partner with a professional Google ad agency and enjoy productive traffic flow!

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