4 Reasons Your Next Grill Should Be a Wood Burning Gas Grill

Wood burning gas grills are one of the best-kept secrets in the outdoor cooking world. If you’ve never explored the idea of adding one to your home, now is the perfect time! You can learn a little bit more about what a wood burning gas grill has to offer by checking out these four reasons to consider one when you’re ready to purchase.

Even Heat Distribution

Any typical grill-user knows the struggle of finding and keeping evenly distributed heat while cooking on a standard grill. A wood burning gas grill puts an end to the constant shifting of food on the grates. That’s right, no more hot dog that’s burnt on one end and barely cooked on the other. Wood and gas burning at the same time create even heat distribution that cooks food faster and more evenly.

Less Fuel Usage

Better insulation and the addition of wood means using less fuel to cook food. When you use less fuel each time you use your grill, you quickly begin to save money on gas. This is one of the long-term reasons to purchase this type of grill. The cost savings can quickly add up, especially when you notice how fewer trips you are making to the store for a propane tank.

Added Flavor

Better flavor could be the most important reason for buying a wood burning gas grill. Wouldn’t you like to grill juicier, crispier, better-tasting meats and veggies? The combination of wood and gas allows food to sear on the outside while maintaining moisture on the inside. Does it get any better than that? The wood element of this grill also adds a smoky flavor to the food that just can’t be imitated by a standard gas or charcoal grill.

Easy Cleaning

Another perk to a wood burning gas grill is how easy it is to clean! The parts of this grill that get the dirtiest from cooking are easily removable. Grill grates can be removed in sections while doors and the ash collector box comes right off the grill for cleaning. This feature makes overall maintenance of the grill so much easier and quicker. When a grill is properly maintained, its lifetime is extended, saving money in the long-run.

Whether you’re currently in the market for a new grill, or just looking for the future – you have to keep a wood burning gas grill in mind. These four reasons should at least pique your interest in this type of outdoor cooking method – if you like saving time, money, and eating better tasting food!

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