Providing Crowd Control at Events and Beyond

There are several ways to control crowds, and depending on your circumstance, some are more effective and desirable than others. Plastic stanchions, red carpets, dedicated staff, signs, and information on a website can all form to provide a comprehensive crowd control plan.

Red Carpet Treatment

Because of their cultural prevalence, red carpets are a great way to mark the entrance to your store or event. Everyone knows that walking on a red carpet is glamorous and desirable. Most people will stay on the carpet without needing any other prompting. The best part is that they’ll see your store as a red-carpet event, which will carry over to other times they visit.

Dedicated Staff

You may want to hire security or dedicated staff to help those who are confused. They can direct people where to stand, they can answer questions, and they can help head off those who may try to cut in line. Your staff needs to be well trained in de-escalation and in answering questions customers might have.

Integrated Website and Social Media

Wi-Fi service and explicit information on your website can help you organize people coming to your store or event. If you expect a crowd, you can lay out the guidelines of how the day will go and include FAQs regarding the lineup process. If you set the right expectations ahead of time, people will feel more comfortable coming to your place. Plus, when they are on-site, they can look up the instructions without having to bother one of your employees.

Ropes and Stanchions

A plastic stanchion with a rope or chain can also convey where people should line up at. These are commonly used at theme parks and banks, so they are easily recognizable by the regular public. As long as you mark the end of the line, people will generally head there to wait their turn.

By Themselves

Plastic stanchions by themselves may become more important than ever. Because they are lightweight and portable you can set them any distance apart and use them as markers for people who want to remain six feet away from others. This will improve many people’s comfort with the process and keep them distanced from others who may be waiting in line. A bonus is that you don’t have to permanently mark up an area in order to achieve the desired result, especially if you mark each stanchion with why it’s there.

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