What Are the Causes of Global Warming?

Our planet will surely face an environmental catastrophe around the world that will result in war, power, water shortage, extinction of massive species, and many other issues. To prevent this, a major societal change must take place.

Humans are the main causes of the adverse effects on our environment but we now have to understand that we are putting our own lives at risk. We must start generating a positive impact by altering our behavior patterns.

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Human causes of global warming

We know that humans are the main cause of global warming. The following provides a detailed look into some specific human causes of global warming.

  • Travel and transportation: The majority of vehicles that we use run on fossil fuels such as gasoline. When this fuel burns with the use of the vehicle, it emits carbon and other pollutants that can affect air and water quality. Furthermore, the greenhouses gas emitted trap heat in the atmosphere increases the global temperature.
  • Industrialization: Most of the economies in the world have transitioned from agriculture-based to industry-based. These large industries and their factories emit CO2 and increase pollution in the world.
  • Deforestation: Forest land is cleared every year to harvest wood to make paper, or clear land for farming, or make space for residential and industrial spaces. When millions of acres of forest land disappear, the amounts of carbon they store get released in the air. Furthermore, the habitats of endangered species are also destroyed.
  • Livestock production: Ranching of livestock requires space. When forests are cleared to make space for the care and feeding of cattle, the environment differs. Furthermore, they create large amounts of waste or methane which is a harmful greenhouse gas.
  • Consumerism: As the consumer need for technological devices increase, the emission of greenhouse gases increase. Humans contribute to 80 percent of land, resources and water use.
  • Factory farming: The agriculture sector has also become industrialized which negatively impacts the environment. The large-scale and industrialized farming with the use of antibiotics has increased the antibiotic resistance in humans which will become deadlier as time passes.
  • Overfishing: 3 billion people around the world depend on fish as their source of protein which has resulted in overfishing. This has decreased the natural stock of fish and adversely impacted the biodiversity of the ocean.
  • Use of aerosols: Aerosols contain large amounts of greenhouses gases which can be harmful to the ozone layer. It has even been banned in many countries.


The above-mentioned human causes can be reduced if we start being environmentally conscious. This is important to understand so that we can combat global warming.

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