Does CBD Play A Role in Curing Lyme Disease?

Ever since people started finding various benefits of CBD, many people often ask whether CBD can be useful for treating Lyme disease. Hence, in this article we are going to briefly discuss whether CBD plays any role for treating Lyme disease.

What exactly is Lyme disease?

In the USA, Lyme disease is known as common vector-borne disease where humans get infected via another organism like tick.

As any infected tick will bite a human, it will transmit bacteria into the bloodstream. Usually doctors treat it with antibiotics course.

Sometimes antibiotics may be effective, but many people may continue to experience its symptoms, even after medication. Of late, this disease is in increasing trend and every year about 300,000 new cases are found.

CBD for treating Lyme disease

Very little research was done for this disease, but few researchers have tried using CBD oil in order to treat it.

CBD as you know has become quite popular among people because it can address many different health issues. CBD also do not produce any high effect as most companies who manufacture CBD, uses industrial hemp instead of marijuana plants.

Usually, CBD compound can work by interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in our body. There is system consisting of cell receptors like CB1, CB2 and chemicals known as endocannabinoids.

When all these chemicals and receptors bind together, they will trigger a range of reactions which will help to maintain proper homeostasis (balance) within your body.

ECS plays certain role in many functions, including sensation, mood, movement, immunity, appetite and more.

CBD seems to be enhancing activity in our ECS by slowing breakdown of endocannabinoids. It will allow our entire system functioning more effectively and can provide many benefits for our health.

How CBD oil can help with Lyme disease

Since there is no sufficient CBD research done for Lyme disease but, a research paper published in 2015 suggests that CBD may help.

Cannabis as we know contains number of chemicals like CBD. One main benefit of cannabinoids for Lyme disease can be its ability to impact cells in our immune system. It can modulate the immune response and provide anti-inflammatory effect.

As we all know, inflammation is common cause of various pain, including pain caused by Lyme disease. By reducing inflammation, CBD can have potential to provide relief to physical discomfort, pains and aches.

Also, there is evidence, CBD has certain antibacterial effects. It will also work as an antioxidant and help to protect cells and prevent damage.

CBD also has positive impact on our mood and sleep. Sleep benefits can be beneficial for those patients living with consequences of any kind of chronic disease.

Most people try to use CBD in the form of tincture and hold it under their tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before you swallow it. By doing this, users will feel the CBD effects all throughout their body.

More and more people however now prefer to choose topical CBD, which they may apply directly to the painful areas. Such method has advantage of giving fast relief as and when it is required most.

However, more detailed research is needed to confirm precisely how much effective CBD can be.

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