For the GWC Valve International company, there are different events that are very common for most companies to attend even though it may be online or offline. Any events arte important for a company whether it is online or a physical interaction with prospects. Event word on a bullhorn or megaphone advertising or marketing a special gathering, movie, party, meeting or show

When it comes to the different online events, these can range from webinars, virtual events or even live streaming events. Online events allow for a connection of the presenters and participants through a web-based interface and these online events are so important since they are less costly than in-person events and you can reach different people around the world and have a more dispersed audience.

When it comes to webinars, this revolves around presentations discussions, or workshops that are delivered via the web. Events like these normally last from 30 minutes to one hour and real-tome webinars are able to enable interaction among participants and can provide an opportunity for discussion on the topic that was presented. Attendees are normally able to ask questions to the presenters on what was just discussed. When it comes to virtual events, these enable individuals in different locations to be in a virtual environment and have the look and feel of an offline event and this includes a networking type of event along with education. They can collect materials, meet the staff and ask different questions. Live streaming events are live events where you can stream to your visitors. This can be done on Google+ Hangouts that offer a live service where you can stream, record and engage your audience with chat and social media functionality as long as you have a webcam.

The most popular physical events include trade shows since your target audience is there, conferences, which are more company specific, seminars, and breakfasts, lunches and suppers since they are more intimate.